I got a message on our service desk the other day. It was from a Speedy customer, Carla, a compliance analysis-specialist. She told me that whilst she liked Speedy and it’s features. Like other Jira users she uses it for compliance audits. Yet she was suspicious of the lack of a price tag as a free eSignature App.

Dear Rina, I want to know if you plan to keep the Speedy App free. I just want to make sure that I’m not surprised by a payment or subscription bill at some point down the line.

Carla was concerned that Speedy, for all it’s features, was too good to be free. She was concerned that like so many online services, Speedy would come with a temporary free period before requiring her to commit to a payment.

Be assured, Speedy was designed to be a free eSignature App, and it is intended to remain as such. There are no plans to make Speedy customers pay for the current Speedy App. Right now, the free Speedy App is a useful tool for us at RadBee to gauge the marketplace and understand what customers look for in an eSignature App. If you want to learn why you need to use the eSignature App that runs on Jira Cloud, check out our guide to using Speedy.

Speedy helps us learn, but it also helps us educate our customers. Fans of Speedy build familiarity with the app the more they use it. It is our hope that in time, they’ll see the benefit of upgrading to Speedy Pro.

The Future of Speedy Pro

No, you didn’t miss a memo. Speedy Pro doesn’t exist yet, but a paid version is on its way. Speedy Pro will perform the same tasks as the current model of Speedy, whilst also featuring improvements. We plan for it to integrate directly with Jira workflows and allow for advanced customization of the PDF layout. Soon you’ll be able to control the appearance of your signed Jira issue. We’ll also take on the responsibility of saving your data for you. That’ll make your job, and the process of getting started with Speedy, simpler. 

However, Speedy Pro will not replace the current free version of Speedy. Speedy PDF Sign-Offs will still exist for those who don’t want to invest in the purchase of the complete app. It can still be yours for free.

Now why not visit the Atlassian Marketplace today, Download this app and give it a test drive? After all, it’s free.

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