Ease Read & Understood training and compliance burdens with our Confluence app

The Read & Understood Training Genius App for Confluence

As Atlassian product experts, we have a bird’s eye view of the best opportunities for automation that can save QA managers valuable time and resources. Our first Confluence app, available on the Atlassian Marketplace, is the Read & Understood Training Genius, a turn-key, enterprise-level eQMS application built to ease the training and compliance burdens for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech industries.

Our Read & Understood Training Genius for Confluence enables you to:

Define rules to reflect the training matrix across your collection of Confluence pages and your organizational chart

Automate training verification and update assignments within Confluence

Define time limits for Read & Understood confirmations and set reminder alerts

Provide detailed reporting on individual, team, and organizational training records and status.

Features Include:

‘Set It And Forget It’ Training Assignments

Define rules to reflect your training matrix across your entire collection of Confluence pages and organizational chart. Once set, the Training Genius automatically tracks new or updated training assignments and alerts users.

Simplified Training Schedules and Verification

Automate your training assignments easily within Confluence through our easy-to-find read confirmation boxes at the top of each document page. Define time limits for confirmations, and set automatic reminder alerts to users for overdue tasks.

Detailed Reporting to Track Training Across The Board

Both users and QA managers can keep track of training progress through our handy dashboards. Individuals can stay on top of their own assignments and tasks, while QA managers can track progress globally, while also providing essential evidence for audits.

"Knowledge, understanding and familiarity of regulated industries is also second to none."

“Truly excellent app, it closes some big gaps in the Atlassian space as far as general use by regulated industries goes. The publisher’s knowledge, understanding and familiarity of regulated industries is also second to none, so their app very much hits the mark in terms of GxP or any other regulated industry e-learning needs.”

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