Jira Snapshots for Confluence

Jira and Confluence integration on steroids.

Time-stamped static Jira reports in Confluence, including multilevel reports

Stop burning the midnight oil. Take a Jira Snapshot instead.

This next-level Confluence integration with Jira changes that by capturing data at a point in time. Confluence then shows the static Jira data until a new snapshot is taken.

Greater control = empowered management, faster approvals, and audit-ready documentation.

Get the picture?

Picture This: One quick click to Jira status reports.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could take a snapshot of Jira data that remained consistent? There is a way!  With Jira Snapshots for Confluence, everyone is literally on the same page.  You can use Jira Snapshots for Confluence to create a static list of Jira issues for agendas, meeting notes, and all your planning and status check needs.

"It's a really nice tool that solves a fairly big problem"

“We definitely recommend admins Take a look at this. It’s a really nice tool that solves a fairly big problem. And even if you have workarounds for these kinds of problems now, this is definitely something you want to be looking into.”

Brenda Burrel

Head of Consult Knowledge & Information Management at Adaptavist

" I love how easy planning and reporting is with Jira Snapshots for Confluence."

Simply create a Confluence page and take a 1-click snapshot to capture Jira issues.  Now there’s a time-stamped report for scheduling discussions and for historical tracking purposes.  It’s easy to compare snapshots to measure growth and change over time.

Rachel Wright

Author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

Finally, an easy way to see what changed.

With one-click, you can capture a fixed snapshot of Jira data,

and another one,

and another one.

DIFF view compares current snapshot with any of the historic ones

"Honestly, this is just a nice, simple concept that is executed well"

“This problem is where this App comes in. It allows you to take a “Snapshot” of the Jira information as it exists, then persists that information, so you have a record of how Jira looked when you took the record. But – you don’t lose the context of the issue, meaning you can still click on it to go to Jira and see how that issue exists today. The setup on this one wasn’t the clearest out of the gate, but once I tried to use the App, it guided me through the steps to get it set up and ready to use. Honestly, this is just a nice, simple concept that is executed well”

Rodney Nissen

Sr. Atlassian Engineer & Blogger, The Jira Guy

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