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Atlassian is retiring their Server offerings. Now pharmaceutical industry figures who rely on Jira Server will need to plan for the future. To get a sense of how the pharmaceutical industry is responding to the upcoming changes, we conducted a survey. In this article you can inspect our Atlassian Cloud survey results in which we asked players in pharmaceuticals and the life sciences whether they were planning on making the switch to Cloud. 

How eager are pharma companies to move to Cloud?

Figure 1. Are you switching to Atlassian cloud?

Figure 2. If migrating, when do you expect to migrate to the Atlassian cloud?

A small majority of companies in our cohort see their future in Jira Cloud. The second graph shows that companies approach migration with caution. A majority of those making the switch plan to do so over a longer period of time. 57% plan to do so over a period longer than 6 months. Meanwhile, of the remaining 43%, 28% have already made the switch. Whilst other teams are taking their time with the transition, these teams have chosen Atlassian Cloud Atlassian for their own independent reasons, not as a reaction to the Atlassian change of roadmap. 

Going by this data, we’re likely to see industry figures pivot to Atlassian Cloud within the ballpark of a year.


Figure 3. If migrating, how ready are you to migrate your business operations to the Atlassian cloud?

We’ve established through our Atlassian Cloud survey results that most teams in our Pharma/Life Sciences cohort believe that migrating to Jira Cloud is their best choice, and that most of them expect to be on Atlassian Cloud within a year or so.

When it comes to readiness, figure 3 shows that even companies who want to move quickly, are not confident about their level of readiness. It seems that whilst pharmaceutical companies largely acknowledge the need to make the change, and in some cases would like to move forward quickly, they recognise that such changes may be hard to execute.

Why Make the Change?

Figure 4. If migrating, what are/were your main reasons for moving to the cloud?

What forces are compelling teams to take the plunge and move their Jira infrastructure? The largest proportion of responses states that respondents felt forced to switch. However, this group is part of an overall minority. Most users choose to make the change in order to pursue an advantage, such as increased flexibility or agility. Most prospective Cloud users recognise its benefits and how it can give them an advantage in the future. 

Figure 5. Do you have the skillset required in-house to achieve this migration? 

Figure 6. Do you feel the need to engage vendors to assist with the migration?

Figure 4 shows that a large majority of users believe that they have the in-house skills to make the transition themselves. Nonetheless, figure 5 indicates that they still choose to get help from external experts in order to make the transition. Perhaps because they are worried that making the manoeuvre to cloud will present a significant learning curve. By bringing in outside help, teams can expedite the process of switching to the cloud.

Atlassian Cloud Survey results Making the Change

Figure 7. If migrating, In which step of the Atlassian cloud migration process are you currently?

Figure 6 reinforces our previous answers. The board is divided starkly between the companies or teams who already committed to the transition, and those who hold off. For many companies the move still requires strategizing and preparing for the future rather than a leap into the transition.

What challenges are causing teams to switch?

Figure 8. When considering switching from Atlassian server to Atlassian cloud, which of the following challenges are important to you? (multiple answers possible)

In this question, governance and especially compliance are considered the most important issues for those making the switch to cloud. Migration, performance, cost management and security issues are the next priority; they receive similar degrees of priority by 40% of respondents, whereas building a private cloud and segmented usage and adoption are less frequent concerns.

We surveyed a cohort of 10 companies active in health and pharmaceutics to put together this survey. We had responses from across the world from subsidiaries to major corporations, from the UK, to France, Germany and North America.

Have your voice heard! We intend to conduct a follow up survey. We hope to see how perspectives have changed on Atlassian crowds, as well as how those who participated in this survey have evolved. If they’ve completed the transition, we want to hear more about their experiences. 

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